S.O.S. Has Reach a Milestone

300,000th Marine Transported

Soldiers Organized Services (S.O.S.) is a 501c(3) non-profit charity that provides “no cost” transportation from the Palm Springs and Ontario Airports, and other transportation hubs, to the USMC Base in Twenty-Nine Palms, CA. These free rides for active-duty military personnel and their family members are made possible through generous, tax-deductible donations from individuals and corporate patrons. Volunteers drive their own vehicles and donate their time and energy to provide “A Ride Home” for our brave USMC servicemen and women
S.O.S. has transported active duty Marines, their immediate family members and sweethearts for over 14 years!  On November 18, 2021, Marine Timothy Patsko, 20 of Pennsylvania, and Marine Alex Pichardo, 19 of North Carolina, will arrive at 11am to Palm Springs International Airport for their 1:30pm flight home, and will be the 300,000th and 300,001st Marines transported by S.O.S!

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Recent Thanks

Thank you

06/28/2021 at 23:12

Thank you

06/28/2021 at 22:24

I would like to personally thank the person driving me to and from the airport so I am able to fly home and be with my wife as she gives birth to our son. It is very much appreciated.

Twenty Nine Palms, CA

06/28/2021 at 08:24

Thank you! The work you do will always be appreciated. I look forward to the ride.

NY, Brooklyn

06/17/2021 at 18:27

Thank you very much for providing the service you do. It has made my life so much easier and stress free. I was very concerned about how I was going to get to Palm Springs Airport. This service is a real blessing!

CA, Twentynine Palms

06/14/2021 at 10:02